We continue to deliver follow-up reports on the case where a middle school daughter and her friend, who were victims of sexual offenses from her stepfather in Cheongju, took their own lives last year.

A civil lawsuit is also underway against a man who is serving a sentence, and our reporters have obtained a related answer written by this man.

Let's take a look at reporter Shin Jeong-eun's exclusive report and share more details.


Her stepfather A, who was sentenced to 25 years in prison at the appeals court for sexually assaulting her stepdaughter and her daughter's friend and leading the two middle school girls to an extreme choice.

The bereaved family of friend Miso is filing a claim for damages against Mr. A.

SBS has obtained an answer to a civil lawsuit written by Mr. A himself in prison.

This is 35 pages written in the form of letters over 5 times from March to April of this year.

Mr. A said that he would make atonement even in death, and he blamed the investigation agency for saying that he had to arrest himself early as if he was not responsible for the deaths of the children even though he had nothing to cheat anymore.

‘The police and judicial institutions should have been criticized and criticized first, and it became a ceremony to lose cattle and fix the barn.

[Kim Tae-kyung/Professor of Seowon University/criminal psychology expert: 'I did nothing wrong, but the children died.

It's the problem of the incompetent police and prosecutors who didn't make me confess more quickly that caused my kids to die.'

It's really creepy .]

They even give 'absurd' advice, such as 'Live while looking at the rest of your children' and 'If you're too impatient, you'll have a hard time.

[Kim Tae-kyung/Professor at Seowon University, Criminal Psychology Specialist: As if he was a person who had nothing to do with this.

You have to be a family member here too.

Attached and detached as needed. Treating people as tools...


He mentions to the bereaved family several times that he must be healthy until the day he is released, but experts analyzed it as a warning threat to the bereaved who testified against him at trial.

[Kim Tae-kyung/Professor at Seowon University/criminal psychology expert: Depending on what you hear, it's 'I'm waiting.

It could be 'I'll find you'.

A person who doesn't have any sympathy for what it's like to lose a child.

That's very (in my heart). Continue.]

The bereaved family, who recently received an answer by registered mail, told SBS reporters:

[Father Lee Mi-so's father: All these four months have come because of his own fault, and he apologizes to the judge after reflecting on it, but not even a single word of sincere apology to the victim's family...


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Reporter Shin Jeong-eun is with me.

Q. Poor response...

A dignified perpetrator?

[Reporter Jeong-eun Shin: Yes.

As this case became known a year ago, poor investigation into family sexual violence cases and problems with the victim protection system were pointed out.

It seems that Mr. A also wrote this answer with reference to such media reports.

At that time, the police investigation started in February last year due to the complaint of Misso's parents, but the arrest warrant for Mr. A was returned by the prosecution once, and the police applied for an arrest warrant about a week later.

However, the prosecution refused to conduct a complementary investigation.

Even a day before the children died, the police applied for an arrest warrant and then canceled it, and A is arrested only after the two children make extreme choices.

Her stepdaughter, Arumi, was living in the same house, unable to be separated from Mr. A, even while the investigation was in full swing.

The insufficient response of the investigative authorities became a shield for Mr. A and became the basis for this sophistry.]

Q. A sudden change in the damages lawsuit?

[Reporter Jeong-eun Shin: Yes.

This answer was submitted when the bereaved family of the smile filed a civil suit claiming compensation for damages.

The bereaved family filed a lawsuit not for the purpose of receiving money, but because they wanted to know exactly why the two children left the world on their own at the same time.

Mr. A, who has denied the allegations, conveyed to Mr. A the earnest intention that he can relieve the grief of the children and the bereaved by revealing the truth even now, and Mr. A wrote it as a reply. It is the opinion of experts that it does not appear to have an attitude.]

[Kim Tae-kyung/Professor of Seowon University/Criminal Psychology Specialist: My attitude changes little by little, but I keep giving me the message of what more I want if I live in prison.

As if he had been paid for his crime, so I am now pardoned.]

[Reporter Jeong-eun Shin: Mr. A has appealed to the Supreme Court, saying that the 25-year imprisonment sentence of the appeals court is too much.]