On Monday, page 1 of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung read above an article: Habeck: Gas situation is serious.

At first we read "Habeck: Weed situation is serious" and thought about the undersupply of green party members with mind-expanding substances.

Now we're a little angry with the department in our brain that is responsible for memory and prejudice.

Of course it's about gas, so just look at the utility bill, and the Greens have long since expanded their awareness.

Not only the.

"The SPD buys weapons, the Greens buy fossil fuels, the FDP organizes budget deficits," writes one reader.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

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Priorities are changing, according to a statement from engine manufacturer MTU, which has introduced a speedline, which, importantly, also has nothing to do with amphetamines.

MTU accelerates engine maintenance for the Eurofighter and the Sikorsky CH-53 transport helicopter.

“By mid-May 2022, MTU had delivered almost as many overhauled T64 engines to the Air Force as it did in the whole of 2021.” Who would have thought that a few weeks ago a success story like that?

* * *

In such turbulent times it is good to know that you are surrounded by new reliabilities.

The head of Deutsche Bahn and his Federal Transport Minister have noticed that the train is reliably unpunctual, which is why they want to make the matter a top priority and put a high-performance network on the track.

And fast.

Means: It starts as early as 2024.

Meanwhile, the mood in the lame booth at Frankfurt Airport is also high.

The wage-demanding union Verdi says Lufthansa has cut too many staff on the ground and is partly responsible for the snail's pace.

After landing, in view of the missing passenger boarding bridge, our pilot says: "The airport operator Fraport has laid off so many people, that's why we can't get off yet." Get off, hm, that would be something?