— How did the idea of ​​this project come about and what is the purpose of its creation?

“Almost a third of city traffic problems are related to the fact that drivers are looking for parking spaces.

At the same time, due to congestion, the average travel time of a car in the city increases by 30%.

The project is designed to solve these problems, as well as reduce the number of traffic violations in terms of parking, remove chaotic parking and improve the appearance of the city.

— How does Smart Parking work?

“Smart parking lots” work like this: the driver can see in his personal account where there are free places nearby and how many there are, how much parking costs per hour.

When he enters the parking lot, the camera captures his license plate and sends information about the beginning of the parking session to the server.

From this moment the session becomes active.

The cost of parking is reflected in the driver's personal account after the end of the session.

— How can I pay for such parking and what is the cost of this service?

- The car owner will be able to pay for parking through a mobile application, by SMS or by special subscriptions.

The system can be integrated with the Gosuslugi portal for making payments.

If the payment is not received within the time specified in the application, then information about the violation is recorded in the fines module.

The driver receives a notification of a fine through the traffic police system.

The system has already been tested in the Penza region.

98% of parking sessions were carried out correctly.

— Can the system recognize vehicles?

- The system can recognize vehicles, classify vehicles: cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, bicycles.

It can also determine the direction of movement and calculate traffic - the number of cars at the tracked point per unit of time.

Tracking this parameter allows you to collect accurate analytics to increase the effectiveness of decisions made for the city.

For example, reconfigure traffic lights, introduce road signs, etc. For business, such analytics allow you to calculate the economic efficiency of a territorial location with a minimum error.

- What does the system consist of?

What are the features of Smart Parking?

— The system consists of a parking space control module, an integration module with parking equipment, a module for integration with payment systems, and an automated workplace for a parking operator.

It also includes a driver's personal account, a fines module, tariff management and parking accounting.

Software has been developed - a car traffic detector based on computer vision and machine learning technology.

It can recognize modes of transport and directions of movement, collect accurate analytics and analyze traffic: calculate traffic congestion and predict congestion in order to integrate with traffic lights as part of intelligent transport systems.

— What is the advantage of the new system for the drivers themselves?

“For drivers, the system will simplify the search for places and reduce the time spent on parking.

Now only 12% of drivers immediately find a free space, the rest spend 15-20 minutes looking for a parking space.

After the introduction of automated parking, the number of minutes will decrease to five thanks to the ability to track and book parking spaces.

The project will allow companies to save on the purchase of parking equipment. 

- When can we talk about the appearance of "smart parking" in the country?

— The Smart Parking project participates in the Archipelago 2022 accelerator to find investors, strengthen the team with product managers and receive a grant for the development of the project.

The timing of the launch of the project on the market will be known after the intensive.

The phrase "city parking" is a thing of the past.

They are supplanted by the desire of people to live in beautiful and green cities, where there are no fences and barriers, traffic jams and cars on the lawns.

Therefore, our innovative solution for "smart parking" is expected and in demand today, and it is pleasant that this technological solution today has no direct foreign analogues.

By implementing the project in our cities, we “do good to our citizens” and demonstrate innovation in the urban environment.