Let's face it: is there anything better than gossiping about how the rich live?

Well, maybe seeing them having a hard time... In

Loot (

Apple TV +

), the protagonist has money 'for punishment'.

So much so that her dogs have their own pool on the yacht!, a fleet of supercars and heated chairs.

Or, better/worse yet, that she doesn't need to think because that's why there are people who work for her.

So unique is the protagonist of

a comedy that starts off well but improves chapter by chapter.



is a delicatessen

whose star is

Maya Rudolph, an actress revered in the US

and semi-unknown in Spain.

She has won 4 Emmy's

, has been part of

Saturday Night Live

(the star TV show) and

is raffled off in movie comedies (

Big Kids


My Best Friend's Wedding)


And, as if that were not enough, she usually appears in the films that she shoots

with her husband, Paul Thomas Anderson


Pure vice


Licorice Pizza

), showing that she moves in many registers.

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, Maya Rudolph is Molly Novak.

Married to a billionaire, she has been carried away for a long time and

lives more aware of her luxuries than anything else.

When she finds out that

her partner, a tech leader who might look like Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

, has been unfaithful to her, her life changes.

And a lot.


Gone are the good times in the shadow of her husband.

Now she flies free and she must face life.

Of course, with many millions in the bank.


she has to renew herself and try new challenges such as leading the foundation that bears her name.

That will be when the protagonist of this atypical comedy for many reasons shows that she is a big girl.

Diva whims

like closing a bar to have a drink with her friends, big mistakes when she has to speak in public and a lot of need for affection are her new coordinates.

With all this and with the help of his new assistants (

a gay advisor, a divorced manager, a somewhat infantilized assistant and a very sensible right-hand man

) at the foundation he presides over, he will discover that money is not necessary to be happy.

But, as it says in the first chapter, he helps.


in this Apple TV+ series the humor is sarcastic, there are no thick jokes and there is more of a black humor.


Its creators are the same as

Parks and Recreation


Rockefeller Plaza

, and

Master of None


All of them comedies that showed that with

a slower pace, powerful characters and a lot of irony

, the public could be conquered.

Just what


does as the chapters progress.

Molly loves it, her classmates put a serious counterpoint to her eccentricities, there is a wise mix between drama and comedy and, above all,

thorny issues such as racism, sex and guilt are discussed without fanfare.

Its pace may not be the most agile that we can find today.


the magnetism that Maya Rudolph transmits is more than enough reason to pay attention to this series


More or less something similar to what happens with

Ted Lasso

, which started without much announcement and has ended up as a great success.

Conforms to The Trust Project criteria

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