The suspect in the case of crashing into a car on the street, assaulting him and even trying to get him into the car, was caught after 19 days.

It was revealed that the suspect had changed his license plate and used someone else's cell phone to evade police pursuit.

This is UBC reporter Shin Hye-ji.


On the 3rd, a male driver hit a woman walking alone in an alley.

They even assaulted and tried to drive a woman into a car.

Enlarging an image

[Victim woman: I thought I should take a picture of the car.

So I woke up, and suddenly he changed and assaulted me.

I left the rear door open and told them to keep their mouths shut.]

Fortunately, with the help of a passing citizen, the woman escaped anger, but the driver ran away.

At that time, CCTV also caught the circumstance that it was not an accidental accident.

And on the 22nd, more than a month and a half after the incident, the police caught Mr. A in his 30s at a motel in Nam-gu, Ulsan.

In order to confuse the police investigation, Mr. A left Ulsan and went to Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, and Dangjin, Chungnam, and returned to Ulsan after replacing it with another license plate.

He also showed a cell phone that he opened under someone else's name and a cash-only meticulousness while he was on the run.

As a result of the police investigation, it was found that Mr. A had no encounter with the victim and had a criminal history.

It is also known that he is denying the allegations, saying that it was a mistake caused by drinking, not intentionally.

The police have applied for an arrest warrant for Mr. A on charges of special injuries, etc., and as soon as the investigation is completed, it will be sent to the prosecution within the next week.

(Video coverage: Kim Young-kwan UBC)