A debate continues among netizens over the price of a PC room in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do.

Recently, on the Facebook page 'I'll deliver on behalf of the Army Training Center', a photo was posted along with the informant's article, 'The current state of the Yeoncheon PC room'.

In the posted photo, there was a text about the rate plan for a PC room in Yeoncheon.

According to the guide, the PC room can use 1 meal and computer for free for 11,000 won on weekdays, 1 meal and computer use for 21,000 won on weekends, and 2 meals and computer for 31,000 won on weekends. Can be used.

The informant said, "We will not accept anything other than the rate plan shown in the photo," and said that it is impossible to use only a computer without meals in the PC room.

He then criticized the PC room's pricing policy, saying, "I can only use it for about two hours when I go out on weekdays, so the 11,000 won fixed rate makes sense." I wonder. I really don't understand."

In the case of PC rooms in other regions, it is generally available at a price of 1,000 to 1,500 won per hour, and if the purchased usage time is not used, the remaining usage time can be reused later.

Netizens who saw the content exchanged different opinions.

Some netizens showed reactions such as "How much money do the soldiers have and they try to ignore it" and "Set the price equal to the general public, as there is no need for military preferential treatment", etc.

On the other hand, other netizens responded, "It is difficult to operate the store if you do not do this due to the nature of the Yeoncheon area" and "Considering the time the soldiers go out, it seems that the PC room owner did not set the price to receive money from the soldiers." .