A 27-year-old Hansen man, Lee Chun-sang, killed a Japanese director who forced Hansen people to work in Sorok-do, Goheung, Jeollanam-do 80 years ago during the Japanese colonial period and committed various evils.

There is an evaluation that he is the 'second Ahn Jung-geun', but the state has not yet recognized him as a meritorious person for independence.

Also, there was no government compensation or support for those who were isolated and discriminated against because they were Hansen people at the time.

The SBS [Panda to the End] team focused on the current state of the 'Lee Chun-sang case' and the state responsibility for supporting Hansen people.

(Correspondence: Jong-Hoon Lee · Soo-Young Kim, Composition: Jeong-Seon Park, Video coverage: Ryung Harong)