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price of food has risen so much these days, it's a burden to even buy one for lunch.

Convenience stores are gaining in popularity under this circumstance.

Reporter Jung Jun-ho covered why.


A convenience store in Gangnam, Seoul.

Around lunch time, it starts to be crowded with office workers nearby.

Customers looking for convenience store lunch boxes.

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[Park Jung-woon / Seocho-gu, Seoul: There are parts where you can eat with quality that is almost half price compared to restaurant meals (I use it.)]

A restaurant enough to say that the lunch price rises rapidly As the price of jajangmyeon, kimchi stew, and naengmyeon sold at the restaurant rises more than 10% in a year, more and more people are trying to solve it easily.

[Han Sang-hee / Gwanak-gu, Seoul: (Lunch price) 9,000 won, 8,000 won


As the demand for cheap but substantial meals is growing, the sales of lunchboxes in the 2,000 won range as well as the 4,000 to 5,000 won lunchboxes are increasing.

In the case of a convenience store, lunchbox sales jumped nearly 30% this month compared to the same period last year.

[Hyunkyung Yoon/Convenience store manager: Almost everything goes out, and the number of orders is constantly increasing, so take it…


Convenience store shopping is also increasing, centering on single-person households amid high prices.

Ingredients such as vegetables are packaged small enough to be eaten at a time, and there are some places that sell vegetables at a lower price than the industry average through direct sales.

Industrial products are attracting customers by lowering prices under the convenience store's own brand.

In addition, the convenience store's unique advantage of being close to home and available at any time even on holidays is considered the secret of its popularity.