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The court sentenced a 40-year-old son who misunderstood his 80-year-old father for being in the military and assaulted and killed him.

Today (17th), the 12th Criminal Division of the Jeonju District Court (Chief Judge Lee Jong-moon) sentenced A (47), who was charged with robbery and murder, to 10 years in prison.

Person A is charged with assaulting and killing her father B at a house in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do on December 17 last year.

This came to light on December 25, last year, eight days after the incident, when Mr. A's older brother reported to the police that his father had died.

After receiving the report, the police rushed to the scene and found traces of serious assault on the body of the deceased. 

Accordingly, the police analyzed the CCTV and identified Mr. A, who escaped from the house on the day of the incident, as the prime suspect. 

However, A had already been arrested by the police for touching a woman's body part in a public place.

In addition, the police also confirmed that Mr. A is wanted for murder.

As a result of the investigation, it is known that Mr. A suffered from a mental illness for a long time.

During the police investigation, he made an incomprehensible statement: "The military senior was holding his father's card. So he took the card and hit him."

In the end, Mr. A, who was brought to court, made a fuss saying, "I didn't do that. The dead are someone else."

The court pointed out, "The accused killed his father, who had cared for him for a long time, in a cruel way, so it is difficult to forgive under any excuse and severe punishment is inevitable." The sentence was decided in consideration of the fact that he was in a weak state,” he explained, explaining the reason for the sentencing.