As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to decline, the number of confirmed cases today (13th) was the lowest in 153 days since mid-January.

The Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters announced that as of 00:00, the number of confirmed cases increased by 3,828, bringing the total to 18,229,288.

It is the lowest since 3,94 people recorded on January 11th.

At that time, delta mutations were the dominant species, and at the same time, the omicron epidemic was spreading.

The number of new confirmed cases decreased by 3,554 from the previous day (7,382), and fell to half.

Even considering the effect of a decrease in the number of holiday diagnostic tests, the decline is clear.

1,194 fewer than the last 6 days (5,22 people) a week ago and 2,306 fewer than the 30th of last month (6,134 people) two weeks ago (6,134 people), respectively.

As of Monday, it was the lowest level in 22 weeks since January 10 (3,4 people).

The number of new confirmed cases exceeded 5,000 for the first time on December 1, last year, when the Omicron mutation epidemic began, and as the Omicron mutation spread, 10,000 on January 26, 50,000 on February 10, and 100,000 on February 18 exceeded each.

After that, it peaked at 621,157 on March 17th and continued to decline.

Recently, the number of new confirmed cases recorded the lowest level immediately after the holiday, then rebounded and then gradually decreased again, reducing the overall size of the epidemic.

The number of daily new confirmed cases for a week from the 7th was 6,171 → 13,355 → 12,158 → 9,315 → 8,442 → 7,382 → 3,828 , an average of 8,664 people per day.

Of the new confirmed cases, 60 were imported from abroad, and the remaining 3,768 were locally infected.

By region (including overseas inflows), Gyeonggi 1,24 people, Seoul 663, Gyeongbuk 270, Daegu 204, Gyeongnam 195, Busan 188, Gangwon 187, Chungnam 177, Daejeon 146, Incheon 123, Jeonnam 121, Ulsan 110, Jeonbuk 109, Gwangju 108, Chungbuk 102, Jeju 83, Sejong 16, quarantine 2

The number of patients with severe severe cases was 95, three fewer than the previous day (98).

It has been recording double digits for the second day after falling below 100 for the first time in about 14 months since April 19 (99 people) last year the day before.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 patients who died the day before was 17, three fewer than the previous day (20).

By age, 10 people (58.8%) were over 80 years old, 3 people in their 70s and 60s, and 1 in 50s.

The cumulative death toll is 24,388, and the cumulative fatality rate of COVID-19 is 0.13%.

(Photo = Yonhap News)