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The story of a dog owner and a man who kicked a dog that ran into her 6-year-old daughter without her leash is a legal battle.

According to Male A, a small leash dog ran at her daughter inside an apartment complex in December last year and kicked her dog in place of the frightened daughter.

When the dog owner saw this, he protested strongly, and even the owner's son came up to ask for the dog's treatment expenses, and sued A for animal cruelty.

After checking the CCTV, the police concluded that it was a legitimate response, saying it was an 'emergency evacuation measure'.

Person A also counterattacked, secured CCTV and proceeded with an electronic civil lawsuit with the Supreme Court.

He sued for 5 million won in alimony and 1 million won in damages, but a week later, he was contacted to settle the matter.

The agreement included a settlement of 3.5 million won, a direct apology to the child, and a leash for the dog.

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Netizens responded, "This is a convincing result. Even if you apologize, the person who is lacking in apology is rather sued!!", "There are still many people who do not have a leash on the road. If you are a dog owner, please do your best."

(Screen source: Baby Dream)