A postpartum helper has been charged with abusing a four-month-old baby.

While her parents were away from her home, they rocked or shoved her baby wildly and said strange things to her child.

Reporter Kim Bo-mi reported exclusively.


As if wiping the crying child's mouth, he presses or pushes her face hard.

Bochae shakes her child wildly and slaps her ass or back.

She even shouts at her 4 month old baby that she has been haunted.

[Go away, you cursed demon!

Go away, you dirty thought that is harassing this child!]

Parents, who were introduced to helper A through a postpartum management company in early May, were surprised to see the video recorded on their home camera and reported it to the police.

[Mother: My husband happened to see it and he just saw that scene.

That day, I couldn't do anything at all and just hugged the baby...


The parents said Mr. A did these things when they were away.

[Mother: I started crying a lot a week after that helper came.

It's because the helper is saying that he's grown up...


The postpartum management company who saw the video said it would cooperate with the police investigation.

[Company official: I really can't.

This really doesn't work...


Come from the police station, and we are willing to go too.]

Mr. A said that he loved the baby so much and was trying to appease the crying baby, but he said it was unfair because he was misunderstood.

The police have booked Mr. A on charges of child abuse and are planning to summon and investigate him soon.

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and has no health problems can become a postpartum assistant after completing 60 hours of training at a designated educational institution.

In response to the demand for strengthening qualifications, criminal history inquiries can be conducted from the 22nd, and it is pointed out that it is necessary to include not only physical health but also emotional stability as qualification requirements.

(Video coverage: Park Hyun-cheol, video editing: Nam Il)