The wildfire that occurred in Uljin, North Gyeongsang Province last weekend burned down 203 soccer fields and was extinguished on the morning of the 29th, 23 hours later.

Forest officials estimate that welding sparks spattered from the construction site spread to the wild.

Correspondent Shin Shin-shik.

<Reporter> This

is the site of a forest fire in Geunnam-myeon, Uljin-gun.

Dozens of helicopters are constantly spraying water from early in the morning to the ridge where a hazy smoke rises.

Thirty-six helicopters and 1,500 personnel engaged in an all-out firefighting operation, and succeeded in catching the main fire at around 11:40 am yesterday.

It has been 23 hours since the fire started.

[Nam Seong-hyeon/Director of the Korea Forest Service: The main fire has been extinguished, but there are several follow-up procedures such as cleaning up residual fires, so we plan to leave 10 forest fire extinguishing helicopters here to take follow-up measures and catch even small embers.]

With this fire, 145ha of forest equivalent to 203 soccer fields turned to ashes.

In addition, 9 facilities in 6 buildings, including the temple Daeungjeon and an automobile repair shop, were burned.

Nearly 40 residents who evacuated overnight have all returned home.

There were no casualties, but the businesses and residents who suffered property damage look depressed.

[Organizer / Wildfire victim: I can't even say that I'm surprised.

My heart was racing, I couldn't walk, and my legs were shaking.

I can't walk away...


The actual amount of damage is expected to increase significantly if an accurate investigation is conducted.

Forest authorities believe that welding sparks spattered during the road rockfall prevention wire mesh construction process have spread to the wild and are strengthening the fire suppression and monitoring of rear fires.

Uljin-gun residents are devastated by the news of the fire that came back before the scars of the large forest fire in March had even healed.