Today (28th) around 12:06 noon, a fire of unknown cause broke out in a hill in Haenggok-ri, Geunnam-myeon, Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and has been spreading for nearly 7 hours.

When the fire broke out, the forestry authorities put 30 helicopters and 200 firefighters to the site to extinguish the fire.

At the site, an average southwest wind of about 3 m/s is blowing, but there are times when a strong wind with a maximum wind speed of 20 m/s or more blows, and it is said that there is a lot of smoke, making it difficult to extinguish the fire.

There have been no casualties from the fire so far, but the fire authorities are aware that the car center, temple, design office, and container near the fire site were burned.

It is reported that major national facilities such as the Hanul Nuclear Power Plant are more than 10 km away from the site, and there are no national important cultural assets around the site.

Uljin-gun sent a disaster message to residents near the fire site around 1:30 pm, such as Haenggok-ri, Geunnam-myeon, Eupnam 1-ri, Eupnam 4-ri, and Susan-ri, to recommend evacuation.

As of 4:30 pm today, the Korea Forest Service has issued the second stage of the forest fire at the site and is working to extinguish the fire by mobilizing 100% of the firefighters available to mobilize in Uljin and surrounding areas.

The fire department is also building fire lines to prevent the fire from spreading to gas filling stations or private houses adjacent to the site.

The Korea Forest Service decided to expand the firefighting work using helicopters as much as possible in advance, as it is difficult to deploy helicopters when the sun sets around 7:30 pm.

In addition, when the sun goes down, we plan to put in additional firefighting personnel to build a fire line and stop the spread as much as possible.

One eyewitness said that "there was a welding operation near the mountain peak ignition point."

The Korea Forest Service and the police plan to investigate the exact area of ​​damage and the cause of the fire once the firefighting work is complete.