Former Captain Lee Geun, who participated in the Ukrainian International Volunteer Army, returned home this morning (27th).

Former Captain Lee departed from Warsaw Chopin Airport in Poland yesterday evening in Korean time and arrived at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 at around 00 this morning.

This former captain walked into his arrival hall in his black long sleeves and muddy trousers.

In front of his reporters, former Captain Lee briefly shared his thoughts on his return to Korea and his experience of participating in the battle.

Former Captain Lee said that he had experienced the horrors of war, and he also witnessed Russian soldiers shooting civilians driving vehicles during the operation.

When asked about his health, former Captain Lee said that he had torn his cruciate ligament in his knee and returned home due to local circumstances, making it difficult to operate.

When asked if he received Ukrainian citizenship, Lee added that he declined the offer as he identified himself as a Korean.

The Seoul National Police Agency said that investigators were sent to the airport to interview former Captain Lee Geun and check his health.

Former Captain Lee also explained that he plans to proceed with a police investigation after completing his self-quarantine for a week.

Former Captain Lee is accused of violating the passport law by leaving the country without permission in March to Ukraine, a country the government has designated as a travel ban, saying he will fight against the Russian army.

(Photo = Yonhap News)