Former Captain Lee Geun, who joined the 'Homeland Defense Force International Brigade', a foreign volunteer unit in Ukraine, returned home today (27th). 

It is known that Lee was injured on the battlefield and returned to Korea for rehabilitation. 

Lee, who responded to an interview with reporters at the Incheon Airport site, opened his mouth saying, "I didn't go to fight, but to protect people."

“I formed a special forces team and performed missions on the front lines of Kiiwu,” said Lee.

Lee, who is about to be investigated by the police, said, "After quarantine, I will cooperate unconditionally and if you punish me, I will take it."

The police plan to schedule an investigation in consideration of Lee's treatment progress and health.

(Reporter: Park Chan-beom / Video coverage: Kim Hak-mo / Composition: Park Yoon-joo / Editing: Park Seung-yeon / Producer: D Content Planning Department)