When we deliver food, we leave a request, such as making it less spicy.

However, a request from a customer to a pizzeria is controversial online.

Recently, an online community posted a review of a delivery app that a customer left for a pizza restaurant.

Customer A said that he ordered pizza and pasta from this store.

At this time, the child said, 'Please order a dinosaur-shaped pizza', and Mr. A carefully asked for a dinosaur-shaped pizza, even though he said 'I scolded the child for saying it was a nonsensical order'.

Then, the store made and sent a pizza that was actually reminiscent of a dinosaur.

He also left a message saying, 'My father worked hard to make it, but I'm just giving it to the child' and 'I hope the child will enjoy it.'

However, the reaction of netizens who saw this was cold.

Netizens showed reactions such as 'If you know it's a nonsense spell, you shouldn't do it' and 'I'm worried that other parents will also ask for it'.

On the other hand, opinions such as 'I think the boss was willing to do it, I think it is warm', and 'It is not something a third party should talk about', etc.