At a restaurant in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do, the prosecution requested a fine for a pastor mother and daughter who slurped abusive language over the phone and text message after begging for a refund. 

According to the legal community on the 26th, the prosecution requested the court to impose a fine of 5 million won on Pastor A, who is accused of attempted blackmail, at the decision trial held the day before with the hearing of the 5th individual (Judge Park Soo-wan) of the Uijeongbu District Court.

In addition, he requested a fine of 3 million won for daughter B, who was charged with obstruction of business. 

In the final statement, Mr. A is known to have pleaded with tears, saying, "I can be severely punished, but her daughter is still young. Please forgive her."

Daughter B also said, "I moved because it was too difficult for this case," and cried, "It's not a problem to give a 1 star rating on a delivery app these days, but it's too much to publicize it and report it as Gapjil." 

The mother and daughter ordered a 32,000 won menu at a meat restaurant in Okjeong-dong, Yangju, Gyeonggi-do around 7 pm on the 26th of May last year, and then demanded a refund from CEO C on the grounds that 'the other customers were uncomfortable sitting next to me'. 

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In the process, Mr. A made intimidating remarks and swearing, such as "Poor XXs", "Give me money", "Change your western. Are you a widow? Or it is said that the review star terrorized. 

Mr. C, the owner of a meat restaurant that suffered damage, said to an online community yesterday (25th), "I watched the trial," and said, "I remembered the tears of a crocodile." 

Mr. C said, "He said he was reflecting, and he complained a lot about all the critical comments, and I don't know what we are reflecting and repenting of when we sued." He emphasized, "The goal of our couple is punishment, not money. I did. 

(Photo=Online Community 'Bae Dream')