Europe 1 with AFP 2:58 p.m., May 25, 2022

A 31-year-old young man was found dead in his cell at the Nantes prison center after hanging himself.

He was discovered by guards early Wednesday morning.

He is the third inmate at this center to end his life in these circumstances since May 11. 

An inmate killed himself in his cell at the Nantes penitentiary center, the third in less than two weeks, the prison administration said on Wednesday.

This 31-year-old convict was found dead hanged in the city's detention center, the prosecution said.

He was discovered by the guards early Wednesday morning when the cells opened, according to the prison administration.

Two other suicides in the same circumstances

Another detainee committed suicide there on May 11 in the same circumstances.

A suicide was also observed the next day, May 12, this time at the Nantes-Carquefou remand center, where people in pre-trial detention, sentenced to short sentences or awaiting assignment are imprisoned.