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has announced its new inclusive and accessibility tools, including accessories to adapt the use of the keyboard and mouse, and features such as

automatic descriptions

in images that lack them in the Edge browser.

Microsoft Ability Summit

is an event of the technology company that brings together people with disabilities, allies and professionals in the sector and where the

latest advances

for "the future of inclusion, disability and accessibility" are shown.

In this context, Microsoft has introduced the new

Microsoft Tech Lab

, which it has redesigned and renamed the Microsoft Inclusive Tech Lab. After five years in operation, "it is now broader, more modular, and better equipped to discuss design and

create products

and inclusive services", as they have pointed out in a statement.

The new facility also features an inclusive design incubator.


has also announced new adaptive accessories, which it has designed in collaboration with groups of people with disabilities.

This is the case of the 'Microsoft Adaptive Mouse' mouse, which in addition to being "light and portable" can be customized with predetermined or

3D printed

parts , one of them being a thumb rest, which can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. .

It has also announced a set of

adaptive accessories

for traditional keyboards, under the name of Microsoft Adaptive Hub.

This allows up to four adaptive buttons to be linked wirelessly, and also works with

standard 3.5mm assistive

technology switches .

It also features three different profiles for use with multiple devices.

Inclusive design in Windows and Edge

Windows 11

is, according to the company, the "most inclusive" version of this operating system to date.

Since its launch, it incorporates

accessibility improvements

that have now been extended with new functions.

One of the novelties is an option to activate 'Do not disturb' in the

notification control

, which announces those that are a priority and the alarms, to avoid constant distractions and mental fatigue, especially in people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ).

Focus sessions

have also been introduced

, which integrate with the clock app.

These launch a timer to help the user focus and remind them to take breaks.


has confirmed the arrival of speech-to-text transcription "in many more contexts than ever before," a feature, currently available to Insiders, that leverages Windows 11's live captioning technologies to get "subtitles for a live chat, in person.



, voice access for PC control is also now available.

The company has also announced the addition of natural voices to Narrator, a feature that makes browsing the Internet or using the computer easier for people who are blind or have low vision.

They are currently available for US English.

The company's browser,

Microsoft Edge

, has also incorporated novelties, such as automatic image descriptions, based on the automatic generation of alternative text in images that do not include it.

And the built-in editor now includes text prediction, which helps

improve any user's writing skills

by correcting basic grammar or spelling errors.

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