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Gwangju, a truck driving through the city center in broad daylight rushed to the sidewalk, killing one person and seriously injuring another.

The truck driver was found to be intoxicated.

This is KBC reporter Seo-young Kim.


A small truck staggers heavily and runs on the road.

A small truck that couldn't slow down hits passers-by on the sidewalk.

[Accident Witness: I hear something popping.

It staggered and came and now the truck has taken it.

With a popping sound...


The vehicle that hit the sidewalk came to a halt after hitting passersby and smashing into a telephone pole.

On a road in Gyerim-dong, Gwangju, a small 1-ton truck hit two passersby.

A man in his 40s was killed in the accident, and a man in his 60s was seriously injured and is being treated at the hospital.

It was revealed that the driver of the vehicle in his 20s was in a state of intoxication at the level of license revocation at the time of the accident.

[Police official: I think I over-manipulated the steering wheel as I entered the second lane from the first lane.

So I think it went to India.

as the car staggers.

I was shocked by a person who went on a bicycle and a pedestrian on the sidewalk.]

The police are investigating the exact circumstances of the incident by arresting the driver of a small truck for violating the Act on Special Cases Concerning Traffic Accidents.