Asteroid 7335, with its diameter of 1.8 kilometers, will pass close to Earth on Friday.

According to NASA, it will be at its closest about 4 million kilometers from our planet, or nearly ten times the average distance between Earth and the Moon.

It would be “potentially dangerous”.

This NASA classification only indicates that it could cause significant damage to our planet, explains

Sud Ouest


This would require that the trajectory of the object comes to deviate and that it finally crosses the path of the Earth.

According to the


website , 7335 will be the largest asteroid to approach our planet this year.

All to your telescopes

However, this asteroid is well known to specialists.

It was first observed on May 1, 1989 by American astronomer Eleanor Helin at the US Palomar Observatory in California.

He was also spotted much more recently, on March 26.

This Friday, this asteroid will pass closer to Earth than during its previous approaches.

Astronomy enthusiasts can admire it by looking towards the constellation of Hydra.

They better take advantage of it because 7335 will not fly over the Earth again until June 23, 2055.


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