Two people in their 50s who dumped syringes into the sea after administering drugs were caught.

A fisherman found dozens of syringes in a plastic bag stuck with a needle and called the police, where he was caught.

This is KNN Correspondent Choi Hansol.

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a villa in Ulsan, the Coast Guard finds a syringe containing methamphetamine and arrests the suspect at the scene.

A week later, Mr. A in his 50s is also caught in a studio in Busan.

Even at the time of arrest, those who took methamphetamine were gangster A and his acquaintance B.

The two people who have been taking methamphetamine together since last year were caught by the discovery of a medication that had been thrown into the sea.

On the way to fishing at the pier here, Mr. A wrapped the drug syringe he had used for drug administration in a bag and threw it into the sea.

After that, the plastic bag was pulled up by a hook thrown by another fisherman.

About 60 syringes were found inside the plastic bag.

[Coast Police Officer: Because (medication tools) shouldn't be kept at home...

Mr. A likes fishing.

So, on the way to fishing, I put stones (in the bag) and threw them away.]

Bloodstains from two people came out of the syringe.

The police arrested the two people by comparing the DNA of the suspects with those of the same type.

The Coast Guard sent them into custody on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act, and the route of purchase is being further investigated.

(Video coverage: Park Dong-myeong KNN)