Our reporters met directly with investors who were affected by the collapse of the cryptocurrency Luna and Terra.

They trusted CEO Kwon Do-hyeong and suffered a greater loss, and said that the cryptocurrency exchanges were also responsible for the incident.

Correspondent Son Ki-joon.


Investors who met with SBS reporters said that the price of Luna and Terra coins started to rise in earnest because of CEO Kwon Do-hyung's declaration that he would provide '20% annual interest' in March of last year.

[Victim A: Anchor protocol (interest) 20% was decisive.

Since that time last spring, the number of Terra has increased tremendously.

The deposit amount…


I was suspicious of the so-called 'Ponzi scam', but when I saw that too many people had invested, the concern disappeared.

[Victim A: There were definitely people around who thought it was a Ponzi scam.

There is a site called 'Defirama' where you can see the amount deposited in DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

You can see the increase in the amount deposited with Terra.]

When the Luna and Terra market prices plummeted on the 11th, I had no choice but to believe and wait for CEO Kwon Do-hyung's words, 'There is a recovery plan.'

[Victim B: Because he only suggests 'trust and wait', and he maintains his attitude as if he had prepared something else...

Waiting for it did a lot more damage.

[Victim A: The time when Luna was selected as the main item for the (trading) commission business was different, and the victims have no choice but to think that they abetted it.]

What the victims want is a clear understanding of the truth and punishment for those responsible.

[Victim B: Through a thorough investigation, I think that CEO Kwon Do-hyung will be punished and the people involved will also be punished.

I think a thorough investigation is necessary.]