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A man in his 50s who imprisoned and murdered a debtor and buried his body in a river bank was also sentenced to prison terms on appeal.

Today (25th), the Seoul High Court Chuncheon Trial (Chief Judge Hwang Seung-tae) sentenced A (57), who was charged with joint confinement under the Act on Punishment for Murder, Body Concealment, and Violence, to 25 years in prison, the same as the original trial.

However, the prosecution's request for a location tracking electronic anklet attachment and probation order was dismissed.

On May 10 last year, Mr. A was indicted on charges of confining B (54), a food equipment contractor, in Jeongseon, killing him with a weapon, and burying his body in a nearby river.

Person A went to his company to collect debt from Mr. B, and he took Mr. B and committed a crime, saying, 'Let's have lunch.'

In the process, he even involved his 17-year-old son and his friends' friends in the crime.

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However, Mr. A's crime was quickly caught up when an employee who found it strange that Mr. B did not go to work after two days reported the disappearance to the police.

As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that Mr. A, who was engaged in the same industry, lent food equipment to Mr. B about 10 years ago, but Mr. B disposed of it and did not return 150 million won, including the cost of the equipment.

To Mr. A, who was eventually brought to court, the first trial judge pointed out that "the method of the crime was very cruel, and no action was taken to comfort the grief of the bereaved."

Then, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison, saying, "Because of Mr.

The Court of Appeal explained, "It is difficult to see that the original judgment has gone beyond the reasonable limits of its discretion."

Meanwhile, the son and his peers who took part in the crime were transferred to the juvenile department and received protective measures at the end of last year.