Recently, as the carbon dioxide supply has decreased, some are concerned that the production of cola or cider will be disrupted.

Carbonic acid is produced as a by-product during crude oil separation at refineries or raw material production at petrochemical companies.

The carbonic acid produced in this way goes through the purification and liquefaction process of a nearby carbonic acid manufacturer, and is used in various industries such as food and beverage, steel, and semiconductors.

This month and next month, domestic carbonic acid production is expected to decrease by one-fifth of normal.

According to the industry, there are concerns about the so-called carbonation crisis due to the delay in production schedules as refiners enter into regular facility maintenance work, and the supply and demand of crude oil is not smooth due to the high international oil price.

The food and beverage industry is monitoring the situation as there are stockpiles.

In the food sector, carbonated beverages such as cola and cider, alcoholic beverages such as beer, and dry ice used to store fresh foods require carbonation.

The oil refining and petrochemical industry expects production to return to the previous year's level from July, when carbon dioxide production begins in earnest after facility inspections.