President Yoon Seok-yeol appointed three candidates for assistant special prosecutor requested by Special Prosecutor Ahn Mi-young (55, 25th Judicial Research and Training Institute) in charge of the investigation into the death of Sergeant Lee Ye-ram, a victim of sexual violence in the Air Force today (25th).

Attorney Byung-doo Yoo (59, Judicial Research and Training Institute, 26th class), Taeseung Lee (55th, 26th class), Pyeongsan Law Firm, and Sohn Young-eun (47/31st class) Gwangjang Law Firm were appointed as special prosecutors.

Special Prosecutor Ahn, who was appointed on the 16th, plans to investigate sexual violence and secondary persecution in the Air Force, as well as allegations of concealment, masking, and persuasion by the Ministry of National Defense and Air Force Headquarters, after completing the necessary preparations for the investigation by the 4th of next month.