It's a way for the app and its stars to depend less on advertising.

TikTok will offer paid subscriptions to content creators' live sessions.

This new feature will be tested starting this Thursday, the platform announced in a video, and will allow creators to "generate predictable monthly revenue" and customize their "live room".

TikTok has also posted several videos from creators who tout the privileges reserved for fans if they subscribe, such as the use of personalized emojis specific to their universe.

This new tool is reminiscent of the formula that made the success of Twitch, the video game game streaming platform.

Live videos are visible there to all visitors, but only subscribers have access to certain emojis in the chat window where they comment on the games.

Increase revenue for creators

On TikTok, subscribers will be able to wear a badge indicating their seniority, and will have access to an exclusive “chat” (conversation group).

The "LIVE Subscription" feature is thus supposed to give creators "the opportunity to increase their income while continuing to grow their community and also allows fans to thank their favorite creator on a regular basis", specifies the company in a press release. .

Pricing hasn't been disclosed but should be comparable to Twitch, according to a tweet from "bbjess", a creator on both platforms.

The app will initially offer this feature in beta mode, to select creators.

It will then be extended more widely to those over 18 and at least 1,000 fans.

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