The work of the School Violence Committee, which was in charge of front-line schools, has been moved to each Office of Education from March 2020.

It was intended to reduce the burden on teachers and secure professionalism, but now, two years have passed, what about the field?

Although it is reported, the processing period varies from region to region

"In some places, it takes six weeks, in others within four weeks. The regional variation is so great that the impact is also going to the victims."

Lee Jeong-yeop / School Violence Specialist

"The (School Bullying) Deliberation Committee only lasts for three hours. That means that it is not enough to read all the opinions of these people, both the perpetrators and the victims, in one hour."

A member of the Academic Violence Committee, Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education

About 170 offices of education support are in charge of the gang violence, which was handled by 12,000 schools across the country.

As the number of bullying incidents increases every year, the authorities are voicing practical difficulties.

An official from the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education pointed out that there is not enough time to accurately, understand, and handle the report of school violence.

In front-line schools that conduct basic investigations of bullying cases, it has become an evasive task, raising concerns about poor investigations.

Filling in gaps with some regional ship relationship recovery support groups

The Gyeongnam Office of Education has been operating the School Violence Relations Support Group since last year.

When a report of damage is received, the victim and the perpetrator who wish to restore the relationship separately from the violence against each other receive counseling and make a statement of fulfillment together.

They are trying to restore children's relationships during the bullying process that takes up to two months.

In the process, experts emphasize that the perpetrator may repent of himself, and above all, it can help the victim recover quickly.

"If the experts don't turn to professional programs to restore relationships at an early stage, the victims of bullying will not be fully overcome." 

Ho-Chan Song, Director, Department of Democratic Citizenship Education, Gyeongnam Office of Education

It seems necessary to actively utilize external educational institutions.

According to the Sexual Violence Prevention Act, educational support agencies across the country can designate education-specialized institutions as support institutions exclusively for victimized students, but currently only some areas are operating.

Adjusting the psychological treatment cost of the victimized student so that the perpetrator can properly bear it is also suggested as a way to recover from the damage.

SBS Civil Society Team's #Never Hurt Again Planning for School Violence can be found on <8 News> on the evening of the 24th.