Instead of the senior civil affairs office in charge of verifying public officials' personnel, a new organization will be created in the Ministry of Justice to take over this task.

The Ministry of Justice plans to launch a personnel verification organization next month.

Correspondent Kim Kwan-jin.


The outline of the new organization of the Ministry of Justice, which will take charge of personnel verification on behalf of the Blue House Senior Office for Civil Affairs, has been revealed.

The name of the new organization is HR Information Management Group, and it will be created under the direct control of Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon.

According to the proposal for the position announced by the Ministry of Justice, the HR Information Management Team is composed of the head of the HR information department and the HR information 1 and 2 officers.

Public prosecutors are in charge of personnel information 1, who collects and manages information related to the social field of candidates for public office, and the person in charge of personnel information 2, who manages information related to economic fields, is in charge of clerks and prosecutors.

It is expected that 20 people including the police and general public officials from grades 3 to 9, including up to 4 prosecutors, will join the personnel information management team.

Earlier, President Yoon Seok-yeol announced that he would hand over personnel verification work to the Ministry of Justice and the police while abolishing the Blue House Senior Civil Affairs Office.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Innovation also announced that it would entrust some of the authority to collect and manage information from the Minister of Human Resources and Innovation to the Minister of Justice with a notice of legislation.

The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Human Resources Innovation plan to revise the enforcement ordinance after hearing the opinions of the public and institutions by tomorrow (25th), and then go through a review by the Ministry of Legislation, a meeting of vice ministers, and a meeting of the State Council.

If the process goes as planned, the Ministry of Justice's personnel information management team is expected to be established around the beginning of next month.

However, there are concerns that the Ministry of Justice's authority may be bloated too as the Ministry of Justice has a function to verify public officials' personnel.