The Ministry of Justice will be in charge of personnel verification of public officials in the future.

With the disappearance of the Blue House's senior civil affairs office in the current government, a new personnel verification organization directly under the minister is being created in the Ministry of Justice.

Correspondent Hong Young-jae.


The agency of the Ministry of Justice, which will take charge of the personnel verification of public officials on behalf of the Senior Civil Service Office, has been designated as the Personnel Information Management Team.

It is a 20-person body directly under the minister, and under the head, personnel information 1 and 2 officers collect social and economic information, respectively, and up to 4 prosecutors can be appointed.

If the organization is newly established after a preliminary notice of legislation and the resolution of the State Council, it is likely that it will start with the verification of the successors of Minister of Health, Welfare Minister Jeong Ho-young and Kim In-cheol, who fell out of the box.

The verification department was removed from the Ministry of Justice to separate the personnel recommendation and verification functions, but concerns about bias remain.

The HR planning officer and HR secretary, who are in charge of personnel functions in the presidential office, and the public service discipline secretary are both from the prosecution.

In addition, the prosecution is directly led by Minister Han Dong-hoon, a former prosecutor, while the current and former prosecutors are in charge of both the recommendation and verification of public officials.

[Jinah Cha/Professor, Graduate School of Law, Korea University: The president and the Ministry of Justice are combined, and each part is invisible, and it can be a kind of politics led only by the Minister of Justice and the President.

That part is quite worrisome...


The opposition party criticized a minister who took personnel inspection certificates along with the minister's existing powers of commanding investigations and personnel authority of the prosecution, saying that he had risen to the position of an order of communication in name and reality.

[Kim Nam-guk / Democratic Party's spokesperson for the election: The Minister of Justice, in charge of personnel verification, has in fact more power than the Prime Minister.

It wouldn't be strange to call him Han Dong-hoon, a real communication commander.]

As if conscious of the controversy, the Ministry of Justice announced that it was planning to hire a non-prosecuting person as the head of the personnel information management team.