On June 1, when the local elections are held, the superintendent election is also held.

The superintendent of education has powerful powers such as the execution of the education budget and the right to personnel.

Reporter Park Jae-hyeon covered the story.


The education budget of 17 superintendents across the country is over 93 trillion won.

The superintendent also has the authority to hire 570,000 teachers and staff across the country.

However, not many people know who the candidates for superintendent in the area are.

[Doo-kyung Choi/Gwanak-gu, Seoul: (Superintendent’s policy) What I remember is 10 years before the English Village was hosted, and I don’t know after that.]

Six out of ten people in Seoul and seven out of ten in Gyeonggi answered that they did not know or support the candidate .

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Elections tend to flow into a confrontation between conservatives and progressives rather than a policy competition.

If there are multiple candidates from the same camp, it may lead to slander, saying that they are preventing unification.

[Cho Jeon-hyeok/Candidate for Seoul Metropolitan Superintendent of Education (Cho Jeon-hyeok-Cho Young-dal transcript): That crazy X (without unifying it) will come out to the end.

It has to be taken into account that there is a crazy X named Park Seon-young.]

[Park Seon-young / Candidate for Seoul Metropolitan Superintendent: I don't think the general public can't talk about it, and I don't have the qualifications to become a superintendent.]

Excessive election costs are also a problem.

In the local elections four years ago, superintendent candidates spent more money than provincial and provincial governor candidates.

However, since candidates for superintendent cannot run for political party and cannot receive political party support, most of the expenses must be paid by the candidates themselves.

[Park Yong-soo / Director General of Seoul National University (2018 Incheon Superintendent of Education) (2018 Incheon Superintendent of Education): It is a matter of time difference, whether you receive money because you don’t have enough money (after the election) or receive money for the election, because the individual bears the enormous election costs (after the election). The conclusion is the same.]

There is also an opinion that the candidates for provincial and provincial governors should be chosen by the voters together with the candidate for superintendent of education as their running mate.