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Attention is focused on the story that although I bought a Chanel bag worth 10 million won, I could not receive AS properly.


The first search term to click is 'unrepairable' luxury bag.

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Recently, on sites that share luxury-related information, there are a series of stories of experiences saying, "I was rejected after the Chanel bag I received as a gift from an acquaintance a long time ago, or the bag I bought used."

The reason is that the name of the buyer and the after-sales service requester on the computer is different, so Chanel is not obligated to guarantee the quality.

According to the luxury industry, when Chanel requests after-sales service recently, it is possible to repair it only by bringing proof of purchase, such as a guarantee card, invoice, or purchase receipt.

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At Chanel stores in other countries, according to the 'World Warranty' policy, they provide after-sales service if you bring the product, but the situation is different only in the domestic market.

Chanel Korea said, "Only products purchased directly through the normal process are obligated to guarantee the quality."

Netizens said, "I think it's a luxury to buy a product worth 100,000 won and fix it with all your heart.", "Isn't it a policy to block 'resale'?

Because of the vendors, only ignorant consumers are harmed!”