Although they were abducted by North Korea 50 years ago and barely returned, the abducted fishermen and their families who were falsely accused of being a spy are still having difficulties in resolving their injustice.

While the Truth and Reconciliation Committee recently decided to investigate ex officio on 982 abducted fishermen, the 'Sell to the End' team obtained records containing the circumstances of illegal investigations, such as the harsh acts conducted by the then government agencies on the abducted fishermen.

At that time, the illegal investigation conducted at an inn in Sokcho, Gangwon-do had pre-determined the conclusion that the abducted fishermen had received orders from North Korea.

The investigation records obtained by the 'Panda to the End' team vividly contain the circumstances in which the police, prosecutors, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Central Intelligence Agency were all in one hands and drove them to be 'spies'.

(Correspondence: Jong-Jin Won, Composition: Jeong-Seon Park, Video coverage: Ryung Har)