▲ Lotte Department Store Avenuel in Myeong-dong, Seoul

An open run continued at a private shopping event for department store VIP customers.

A fight broke out between customers trying to buy something, and the police were called at one time.

According to the retail industry on the 23rd, Lotte Department Store held a shopping event by inviting VIP customers at the Sogong-dong Main Store, Jamsil Store, Dongtan Store, and Busan Store using the day off.

The event was held for customers who received invitations and one companion, and it is said that the invited targets were customers who purchased at least 20 million won a year at Lotte Department Store.

These stores restrict access to general customers and allow only customers with invitations to shop for luxury goods.

The opening started at 10:30 am, but an open run occurred even before the opening as many people flocked to the rumors that luxury brands such as Chanel, which are not usually easy to purchase, were releasing popular products.

In addition, at a luxury watch store, two male customers made a commotion while purchasing an item, and the police were called at one time.

A Lotte Department Store official said, "It is an event that has been held once or twice a year before the Corona 19 incident."

(Photo=Lotte Department Store website)