SBS started a local coverage of Singapore where the headquarters of Terraform Labs, the company of CEO Kwon Do-hyeong, who caused the Luna and Terra crash, is located.

Earlier, CEO Jeon Kwon said on Twitter, "The Terraform Labs headquarters are still active in Singapore and are in good condition."

However, neither Terraform Labs employees nor CEO Kwon's activities could be found in the company office disclosed on the website or in the head office listed at the time of corporate registration.

First, there was a law firm in a complex building in Singapore that I visited by address, but Terraform Labs seems to have tried to use it as a window after signing a contract with a local law firm in Singapore to receive mail from institutions or investors.

Many law office employees said they knew Terraform Labs, but had never seen CEO Kwon Do-hyung.

The contract with Terraform Labs was also recently terminated.

The headquarters of Terraform Labs listed in the corporate register was located on the 37th floor of another high-rise building in Singapore.

It was difficult to believe that this office was also used normally, but we also secured testimonies that the construction was abruptly stopped around last month, when the office interior construction was in full swing.

This is similar to the 30th of last month, when Terraform Labs Korea decided to dissolve its Busan headquarters and Seoul branch at the general shareholders' meeting.