After the lifting of the distance, the use of the metaverse platform, a 3D virtual reality, has drastically decreased.

According to big data analysis by IG Works on the 22nd, the number of weekly active users (WAU) of the metaverse application 'Roblox' last week was 773,678, down 17.8% from the previous week.

This is the lowest level in ten months since the last week of June last year.

Last week, the average weekly usage time of Roblox per person was 150.32 minutes, the lowest in 6 months.

Domestic metaverse apps such as Naver ZEPETO and SK Telecom Ifland also saw a decrease in users and usage time.

Last week's ZEPETO WAU was 133,708, the lowest since the first week of July last year.

In addition, the total weekly usage hours was 199,961 hours, which fell below 200,000 hours for the first time in 10 months.

Ifland had a WAU of 105,292 last week, the lowest level in a month last month.

The recent sharp decline in the use of the Metaverse app is believed to be due to a decrease in non-face-to-face activities in line with the declining trend of COVID-19 cases.

Choi Jae-bung, a professor of mechanical engineering at Sungkyunkwan University, analyzed, "It is a natural phenomenon that social distancing is lifted and the time spent in the metaverse decreases."

The industry is conscious of the decline in use, but is looking for strategies to respond.

A Naver official said, "We are continuing to collaborate with various companies while building the creator ecosystem."

An SKT official said, "I think it is natural that the number of users is decreasing.