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an apartment complex, a 40-year-old mother and 7-year-old son were suddenly bitten by two running dogs.

One of them was a dog pit bull terrier, and the child suffered serious injuries to her face and leg.

This is TJB reporter Lee Soo-bok.


An apartment complex in Taean.

Two big dogs just roam my trail.

However, the owner is nowhere to be found, and there is no muzzle or leash.

Yesterday (19th) around 4:20 pm, these two dogs attacked a 44-year-old mother, A, and her 7-year-old son, group B, who were walking in the apartment.

The pit bull terrier is classified as a dog under the Animal Protection Act, and the border collie is known as a shepherd dog.

Son B was severely injured by biting her right cheek and shin back, and mother A, who tried to restrain her, also bit her right arm.

[Neighborhood resident: Because the mother bit the child, her mother must have gone and kicked the child away.

She tugged and guessed.

So I think (my mother) also bit me.] The

mother and daughter were transported to a nearby university hospital through a doctor helicopter and are being treated, fortunately, there is no life-threatening problem.

The two dogs were all caught near the apartment complex within 30 minutes by the fire brigade.

Police confirmed that the dogs were kept in a nearby detached house with a recognition chip built into them.

We are investigating the exact circumstances as it is believed that they escaped from the house when the owner was not present.

[Baek Kyung-hyeon / Taean Police Station Investigation Division Head: (Dogs) the escape process is unclear, so we plan to supplement it by investigating the CCTV or surrounding areas, and then have the dog owner attend and investigate.]

In the meantime, the dog owner plans to euthanize the dog. told

(Video coverage: Song Chang-geon TJB, screen provided: Chungnam Fire Department)