Middle and high school students who are infected with Corona or who have suspected symptoms can take the test at school from the final exam of the first semester.

You have to wear a KF-94 mask in a separate classroom.

Reporter Kyung-hee Kim will explain the changes and points to be aware of.


Due to the Omicron pandemic, the average number of confirmed students per week in March exceeded 300,000.

Ahead of the midterm exam in April, petitions continued to be made to allow students under quarantine to take the test, but the Ministry of Education adhered to the position of no.

After the inauguration of the new government, the position of the Ministry of Education has changed.

In order to take the final exam for the first semester, middle and high school students will be allowed to attend school as an exception.

[Lee Sang-min/Minister of Public Administration and Security: To ensure equality among students, students with confirmed and suspected symptoms can also take the test.]

The school establishes a separate test room by determining the number of confirmed students one day before the test, and does not overlap with other students. Arrivals to and from school or breaks should be adjusted to avoid this.

Confirmed students are restricted from using public transportation to and from school, so they must use a guardian's car or a quarantine taxi.

In addition, you must continue to wear a KF-94 mask, and if you do not return home immediately after the test is over, you will be punished for violating the quarantine duty.

If you do not take the final exam, you will receive 100% accreditation points if you provide a confirmation certificate.

If you took the exam on the first day and you cannot attend the second day, you must submit a doctor's note proving the worsening of symptoms on that day to receive 100% accreditation points.

From next week, you will no longer need to wear a mask outdoors during experiential learning and field trips.

However, if it is determined that there is a high risk of infection, the principal may decide to wear it.

(Video Edit: Hojin Kim)

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