Controversy has arisen when a university raised a subsidy after announcing the news of a professor's father in a department group chat room.

On the 17th, an article titled 'The professor's father is asking me to pay a subsidy' was posted on an online community.

The author captured and published information posted on the department's group chat room.

A student presumed to be the representative of the department said, 'The professor said that this week's class was difficult because of his father's death'.

Next, she announced, 'All grades 1 through 4 are going to collect 10,000 won each to send them a subsidy,' and 'I would be grateful if you donate in units of 50,000 won.'

The author expressed his dissatisfaction by saying, 'The professor's father passed away, so why do we have to pay the subsidy?

Among the netizens who heard the story, there were negative reactions such as 'I'm not a professor, I have to take care of the father's father', 'Isn't it really forced?' There were also comments like this.

(Screen source: Online community)