An explosion occurred at the S-Oil plant in the Onsan Industrial Complex in Ulsan last night (19th).

One person died and nine others were seriously injured in the accident.  

The first news is reported by UBC reporter Jeon Byung-ju.


The crimson flames are constantly spewing out.

They tried to extinguish the fire by mobilizing the fire suppression equipment of the adjacent fire department, but it was not enough.

S-OIL's Onsan plant caught on fire at around 8:50 pm yesterday evening, when an explosion occurred during a test drive after repairing the butane gas injection valve in the gasoline additive manufacturing process.

At the time of the explosion, the shock was so great that you could feel the vibration in Jung-gu and Buk-gu more than 10 km away.

In this accident, one employee of the subcontractor was killed and nine people including subcontractor employees were injured, and six people suffered severe burns and were transported to the hospital.

[Oh Hyung-cheol / S-Oil Onsan Plant External Affairs Team Leader: We apologize for the unexpected accident and will do our best to rectify the accident.]

The fire department issued the first stage of firefighting response at the beginning of the fire, and then the second stage in about an hour. and mobilized all available manpower.

The fire department managed to extinguish a large flame within three hours of extinguishing the fire, preventing the fire from spreading to other processes or preventing further explosions.

[Lee Yeon-jae/Ulsan Fire Department: There is no concern about the spread of combustion to other processes, but it seems that it will take some time for the final extinguishment to take place.]

Accordingly, the fire department will conduct a detailed investigation into the exact cause and damage of the fire as soon as the extinguishing work is completed. policy.