• Connected lights are the first use of “House 2.0”.

  • To go further than simple smart bulbs, Nanoleaf launches its Lines.

  • Sold from 199 euros, these LED strips allow you to compose hanging motifs whose lighting can be personalized and programmed.

The Toronto firm Nanoleaf has taken advantage of the possibilities offered by LED lighting.

And in a beautiful way.

With its new Nanoleaf Lines, the manufacturer is taking up its already proven concept with equipment such as Shapes or Canvas: that of RGB lighting systems (up to 16 million colors), connected and modular, to be fixed to the wall to participate in the decoration of its interior.

And it's beautiful.

Nine bars of 24 bulbs to assemble

With Lines (lines), make way for small plastic strips which each incorporate 24 LED bulbs on their rear face.

Sold for 199 euros, the "Starter Kit" offered by Nanoleaf includes nine of these small 27.85 cm long bars, but the system is scalable and additional light strips can be added.

They are sold in boxes of three (59 euros).

For the assembly, we are asked to let our imagination speak!

Here, everything is allowed, or almost.

A central connector (connected to the mains) serves as the basis for the pattern you are about to create.

One or more strips fit into it which, in turn, can be fitted onto one of the eight other connectors provided.

An inspiring community

Different models are offered with instructions for use, while Nanoleaf's website and Instagram account are full of creative ideas from its customers, the manufacturer having managed to unite a large community of users.

Once the assembly is done, all that remains is to fix it to the wall.

For this, each connector has a double-sided tape.

Attention: it will be very difficult to change the place of the composed pattern once fixed...

Like all connected lighting, the Lines are controlled using an application.

Attention, the creation of an account is necessary beforehand.

To go quickly, it is then possible to select one of the proposed scenes (from "Fiesta" to "Hip Hop").

These scenes are either fixed or dynamic and can even be synchronized with ambient sound.

Nice to liven up an evening: the Lines will light up and flash to the rhythm of the music!

Multicompatibility for the connected home

It is also possible to create your own scenarios and use a color picker on a color chart to compose them.

No limit here seems to oppose creation.

The Nanoleaf Lines are also compatible with IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, as well as with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands.

The integration of the system in the house 2.0 is total.

The effect is assured.

We appreciated the speed of the assembly, the lighting which really gives relief to certain motifs, just as much as the possibilities of scenarios to imagine.

In this way, we were able to create for these Lines a wake-up light simulating the gradual arrival of daylight.



appreciate the possibility of using the Lines in


of their screen: from then on, the LED strips will reproduce simultaneously the dominant colors displayed by the television or the player's computer.

We obviously find here the principle of Philips Ambilight screens.

A decorative object, first

Be careful though: the Nanoleaf Lines being very expensive, it will be more economical to invest a few tens of euros in LED ribbons to stick on to highlight a TV cabinet, a kitchen rack, a headboard... Nanoleaf also offers them from 49 euros for 2 meters.

The Lines remain a decorative object which we appreciate, in addition to the modularity, the eco-designed aspect.

Any defective or damaged part (lightbar, connector, power supply, etc.) can thus be purchased separately to be replaced.

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