The prosecution, which is investigating the so-called 'Ministry of Industry's blacklist', seized and searched the offices of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the home and laboratory of former Minister Baek Un-gyu on the 19th.

It appears that the prosecution is narrowing its investigation network by targeting former Minister Baek, who is at the peak of suspicion.

According to the legal circle, the 6th Criminal Division of the Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors' Office (Chief Prosecutor Choi Hyung-won) seized and searched six institutions under the Ministry of Industry, including the Energy Technology Evaluation Institute, Korea Petroleum Management Service, and Korea Coal Corporation, and secured personnel and management-related data this morning.

Prosecutors also sent investigators to the home of former Minister Baek and the office of the Fusion Technology Center at Hanyang University, where he works, to obtain data such as e-mail details from PCs.

Today, former Minister Paik directly visited the laboratory's search and seizure site with an attorney.

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When asked by a reporter on the spot whether he forced the head of a subordinate agency to resign under the direction of the Moon Jae-in government, former Minister Baek said, "It is difficult to say because it is an investigation under investigation." He denied the allegations."

Regarding this situation, he said, "I am very sorry," he said.

It is observed that the investigation into the blacklist allegation is coming to an end as the prosecution is carrying out a large-scale seizure and search again after more than a month of seizure and search of the Ministry of Industry and 8 affiliated subsidiaries.

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On March 25, the Prosecutors' Office seized and searched the nuclear power plant-related department of the Ministry of Industry and started an investigation, and called the heads of the agencies who resigned at the time as witnesses for investigation.

Until the beginning of this month, former Vice Minister Lee In-ho, who worked with Baek during the time of the former minister, and the executives accused together were also called as suspects and investigated.

If necessary, the prosecution will call in additional former Vice Minister Lee and others for investigation.

In addition, we will analyze the evidence obtained from today's seizure and search, and if the charges of former Minister Baek become concrete, we will summon him as a suspect for investigation.

However, it is expected that it will take a considerable amount of time to analyze the confiscated material, so the summons investigation is expected to be conducted at the earliest at the end of this month.

Some observers speculate that the case will not be finalized by the end of next month at the latest as the replacement of the command and investigation team of the Eastern District Prosecutors' Office is expected to coincide with the inauguration of the Yun Seok-yeol government.

(Photo = Yonhap News)