At a daycare center in Seoul, a video was released where a two-year-old child was injured and bleeding, but the teachers did not give any first aid. 

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced yesterday (17th) that on the 18th of last month, the director and teacher of a daycare center in Hongje-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, were charged with violating the Child Abuse Punishment Act and are being investigated.

They are accused of not caring for a child whose teeth were dented in a collision accident at a daycare center on the 13th of last month. 

On that day, an article written by Mr. A, the father of the accident victim, was posted on an online community.

In an article titled 'A 27-month-old child was injured at a daycare center', Mr. A released a CCTV video of his son B's accident and photos of his injury. 

Enlarging an image

Enlarging an image

In the video, group B is walking towards the nursery teacher C, who is holding a mat and tidying the bookshelf.

After that, group B hit a tooth on the edge of the bookshelf and immediately collapsed. 

Seeing this, Mr. C hugged group B, sat him in another place, and continued organizing the bookshelves.

Group B was bleeding and crying on the floor, but Mr. C and the other nursery teachers left the child unattended as if nothing had happened. 

Enlarging an image

Enlarging an image

Looking at the photo posted by Mr. A, group B's upper lip is bruised blue, and his lower lip has a red scar.

In another photo, the stitches on the lower lip are clearly visible. 

Person A said, "The daycare center contacted my wife at 12:37 pm on the same day and told me only that 'the child fell while running on the mat and his lower lip was slightly torn'." Rather, he comforted the teacher,” he explained the situation at the time. 

"However, after attending the House of Representatives, I looked at the condition of her child and realized that it was not just a fall and injury situation." 

Person A also said, "Even in the home correspondence, the child's condition was stated as 'good'. He continued to cry for five hours with an injury." 

He continued, "The child's permanent teeth were damaged due to the accident, and he did not receive emergency treatment immediately after the accident, so his teeth were pushed inward." said the child's current condition. 

Finally, he said, "The reason I'm asking for help like this is because the women's welfare department at the ward office, which oversees the day-care center, said that all they could do was 'a 1 million won fine for negligence'. And I want to ask if it goes on and on," he appealed. 

(Photo and video = online community 'Bobae Dream')