The story of a man who visited a reservoir in Gonjiam, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do and found an abandoned real doll was released. 

Yesterday (17th), an article titled 'A man who found a dead body while taking a picture' was posted on an online community. 

According to the article, author A found a strange object while taking a landscape photo at Gonjiam Reservoir. 

“At first, I thought it was a sack or a stone, but something didn’t feel right,” he said. “When I got closer, I saw a shriveled finger over my shoulder. All the hair was missing, so it was an abandoned corpse.” 

Mr. A was about to report to the police with his trembling heart, but suddenly noticed something strange.

Upon closer inspection, it was not a corpse, but a 'real doll'. 

Looking at the photos released by Mr. A, the real doll could be mistaken for a corpse, with his eyes open and curled up.

Person A said, "I don't know why you throw these things in the reservoir. I really thought I was going to die (because I was scared)," he said, "I don't know who he is, but take the real doll you threw away again. Put a sticker on it and throw it away. What are you doing because it's a waste of 5,000 won?" I did. 

Netizens who heard the story responded, "If it were me, I would have run away in shock", "It would be so scary to see it at night", "Why do you have to throw it away in front of the house, why do you throw it in the reservoir?" 

Unauthorized dumping of garbage other than designated places may result in a fine of up to KRW 1 million in accordance with Article 68 of the Waste Management Act.

(Photo = online community capture)