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The story of a netizen who said that his parents have not been able to enter the house for a week is a hot topic because the interior work has not been completed properly.

Netizen A said that he paid 44.6 million won while sharing the construction status of a 38-pyeong apartment in Jeonju.

If you look at the published photos, the wall in the kitchen fan area was not completely filled with tiles, so the inside was exposed.

And the horseshoe that secures the front door has to be fixed with three nails, but it is fixed at an angle with only two nails.

In the shower booth, there is only the hose without the shower head.

In addition, Mr. A complained, saying, "There are two lights and two switches, but individual power sources do not work."

People who have come across the story are also sharing their experiences of harm, empathizing with them, saying, "Businesses treat them like kings when they make an estimate, and then they do it with a savagery after payment."

According to the Korea Consumer Agency, as demand for interior decoration has increased since the outbreak of the corona virus, related consumer damage relief applications increased by 37.9% compared to the previous year.

Netizens responded, "I can't find any sincerity and it's irresponsible! If you don't like the estimate, you shouldn't have taken it in the first place.", "There must be a lot of conscientious people, but I'm afraid to decorate the interior because of such a contractor."

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