After Land Rover introduced a new Range Rover, the launch of the third generation of the Range Rover Sport is now announced for the end of 2022.

The order books are already open, things start at a whopping 93,000 euros.

The renewal of the Sport was overdue as the model had been on the market for nine years.

The sport made its debut in 2005.

Boris Smith

Editor in the "Technology and Engine" department.

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17 years later, the third generation follows with an extensive range of engines.

The top model is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo petrol engine with 510 hp, plus there is a six-cylinder petrol engine, three diesels also with six pots and three liters and a chargeable plug-in hybrid in which a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine is married to an electric motor.

Two performance levels are available here, 510 or 440 hp.

The drive battery is unusually large.

38.2 kWh ensure an electric range of 113 kilometers according to the standard.

The combustion engines are all mild hybrids, the model designations P400, D250, D300 and D350 are based on the engine power.

From the outside, the new one appears smooth, it follows the design specifications of the Range Rover, everything looks slim and slim, the door handles close flush.

Nothing changes in the 4.90 meter format.

The interior, which now comes with a modern 13.1-inch touchscreen and a 13.7-inch instrument screen, has been significantly cleared out.

All of today's common electronic aids are on board, and if they aren't, they can be reloaded via Sota (Software over the Air).

There is also something tangible to report.

All-wheel drive is a matter of course, eight-speed automatic too, all-wheel steering is new.

As before, there are different equipment versions, they are now called S, SE, Dynamic HSE and Autobiography.

A First Edition will also be offered in the first year.

In 2024, the Range Rover and the Sport will come as all-electric versions.

Both are produced in Solihull near Birmingham, in the brick buildings that have hardly changed from the outside, in which Land Rover's wondrous journey began in 1948.

A car for the farmer became a brand with seven models today.