A city bus and a 5 ton truck collided in Jeju during rush hour.

The truck driver died and 16 people on the bus were injured.

This is JIBS reporter Kim Yeon-sun.

<Reporter> The

front bumper of the truck is dented to the extent that it is difficult to recognize the shape.

The glass window of the bus was broken and the entrance door was severely damaged.

The 119 rescuers who were dispatched to the scene urgently go out to rescue passengers in the bus.

On the way to work this morning (17th), an accident occurred in which a 5t water sprinkler truck and a bus collided.

In the accident, 43-year-old A, a water truck driver, was found in cardiac arrest and was taken to the hospital, but died.

16 of the 30 bus passengers were also injured and taken to a nearby hospital.

[Accident bus official: (bus passengers) 15 people were transported (to the hospital), and the truck driver was in cardiac arrest…


The police suspect that the accident occurred when a car stopped on the shoulder entered the road.

Police believe that the car parked on the shoulder was about to enter the road, and the truck evaded the car and collided with a bus running in the first lane.

Police are investigating the exact cause of the accident against the 48-year-old car driver and bus driver.

[Noh Yeong-rae / Seogwipo Police Station Security and Traffic Division Manager: It seems that the focus of the accident is whether the car was the cause of the (accident).

We plan to investigate whether the truck that was driven in the second car was at fault.]

The police are also planning to find out whether each car is speeding by securing surrounding CCTV and vehicle black box images.

(Video coverage: Kang Myeong-cheol JIBS, screen provided: Jeju Fire Safety Headquarters Jeju Autonomous Police Corps Traffic Information Center)