Motorhomes continue to sell well.

The demand for campervans, which accounted for about half of the approximately 80,000 new registrations last year, is particularly high.

It goes without saying that many manufacturers are now relying on the expanded panel vans and are expanding their range in this class.

Eura Mobil, the brand belonging to the French Trigano Group, is particularly ambitious.

Three mobiles, all based on the Fiat Ducato, were added to the range in 2021.

According to the manufacturer, they should establish themselves in the premium segment.

We went on tour with the top model V 635 HB.

The basic version of the Eura van costs 65,300 euros, is 6.36 meters long and is powered by a 2.3-liter four-cylinder diesel engine with 120 hp.

The curb weight of the basic equipment is 2065 kilograms, a maximum of 3.5 tons are permitted.

The payload is not lavish, especially since the floor plan of the van suggests considerable transport capacity.

Wakeboards, e-bikes, mountaineering equipment or even a motorcycle can be transported in its enormous storage space in the rear.

This is made possible by a 192 x 180 centimeter fold-down bed, which can be lowered electrically from four belts above the load compartment.

The mattress is of good quality, a good night's sleep is guaranteed thanks to the ventilation through the roof, the two rear windows and one on the right side.

Getting into the bedroom, however, requires physical effort.

The lying surface is decent and stable, so that your partner isn't rocked awake when you turn over in your sleep, but the bed cannot be lowered any further than hip height.

There is no step or ladder.

A multifunctional plywood box from the hardware store proved to be a suitable climbing aid.

Securing loads is less simple.

Because there is no flap or wall between the cargo compartment and the living room.

When you first brake, cable drums or ramps rush up to the front seats.

At least there are a reasonable number of lashing eyes on the luggage compartment, which is lined with checker plate.

It is just a matter of securing everything with belts before starting the journey.

The wet cell is installed on the left in front of the sleeping area.

A washbasin made of mineral material is swiveled by 90 degrees together with the back wall for the shower.

This keeps the cassette toilet protected from splashing water.

Here, too, a vent window provides ventilation, freedom of movement is given for personal hygiene.

Up front is the usual setup with a half-dinette on the left.

The kitchen is on the right, there is also a sink made of mineral material here, its cover serves as a sideboard after it is opened, but makes entry through the side sliding door narrow.

Your two-flame cooker is powered by two five-kilogram gas bottles, and this supply lasts for a long time, because the 90-litre compressor refrigerator is powered by electricity.

The heating and water heating work with diesel fuel.

The storage space is less generous.

The pull-out drawers in the base cabinet are not optimally cut, pots and supplies need to be loaded carefully so that everything you need can be accommodated.

The overhead lockers are rear-ventilated and illuminated, but not functional.

Their profiles taper from top to bottom, if you pack them too full, you have to reckon with objects falling out when you open them after a ride.

This applies to all overhead cabinets, even as an on-board library they are not suitable due to the narrow base.

The furnishing style of the Eura panel van is light and friendly, cream-colored flaps combined with LED ambient lighting create a pleasant atmosphere.

The equipment is also impressive.

Even the basic model has a lithium battery with 100 ampere hours, for even more self-sufficiency, Eura offers a solar package with 100 watts for around 1100 euros.

USB interfaces are integrated into the reading lights, and the van is electrically up to date. However, not in terms of the solidity of the expansion.

The interior paneling of the sliding door not only made infernal rattling noises on bad roads.

A passenger expressed the assumption that this was probably the special model "on the rushing brook", where, as is well known, the mill clattered constantly.

The V 635 HB is motorized with a 2.3-liter four-cylinder diesel that delivers 140 hp and costs 1020 euros more than the 120-hp basic engine.

In conjunction with 380 Newton meters of torque, the van moves quickly and powerfully, consumption was an average of 9.2 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

The standard tank holds 90 liters, the large variant with 120 liters is no longer available.

The Adblue container needs its place.

Above all, the automatic transmission from ZF, which is disproportionately expensive at 3890 euros, makes the journey quiet and comfortable.

And it reduces fuel consumption by around half a liter of fuel per 100 kilometers compared to the manual six-speed switch.

You should allow yourself this luxury.

In the end, the premium idea could at best be felt.

Although the material and design are of high quality, some details fade.

It remains to be seen whether a leather-covered door handle to the washroom is the last word, especially in times of increased hygiene requirements.

Nevertheless, with the Van V 635 HB, Eura offers an attractive leisure vehicle whose variability is not only welcome during long summer holidays, but also for short trips.

Not least because the expensive e-bikes can remain on board overnight without any loss of comfort, because the lying surface can be lowered to different heights.

What the location is for real estate, variability is for furniture.

Nothing can replace her.