There is a growing interest in developing policies that allow people with disabilities to live without discrimination in our society.

The new government announced the introduction of a 'personal budget system', which allows people with disabilities to choose what they need, as the first related promise.


Kim Tae-ik was diagnosed with a brain lesion disorder 8 years ago.

With his elementary school education and a physical disability, it became more difficult for him to find a job.

[Kim Tae-ik / People with brain lesions: Because of my academic background, there were only things like physical work and daily work.

(I have a disability) It's hard to find a job...


Tae-ik, who desperately needed to learn to make a living, was selected as a target for the 2020 autonomous district's 'personal budget for the disabled' pilot project.

He wrote a study plan with the goal of passing the high school GED and received a subsidy for education expenses.

He achieved his goal in two years, and this year he also entered the Cyber ​​University.

[Kim Tae-ik / People with brain lesion: Through the personal budget system, I have achieved all my goals, so my confidence has improved, and the first thought comes to mind, 'Even if anything fails, I will have to face it.

' ]

selected for the task.

The goal is to improve the quality of life by providing the national budget to the disabled, not welfare institutions, and allowing them to be used according to their needs.

[Ki Young-nam/Policy Manager of Korea Association for the Disabled: (In the case of personal budget system) You can directly hire or choose an activity support company to purchase the necessary protection equipment or receive the activity support service you need, and your satisfaction will increase…


However, there are also voices to the contrary.

There is concern that the introduction of the personal budget system will lead to a weakening of the state's responsibility for welfare of the disabled.

[Kim Do-hyeon / National Solidarity for the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities: Because it is a system of this kind that abandons the public responsibility of the state and allocates only a certain budget to individuals and asks individuals to solve them on their own…


Legal reform is also required.

[Lee Dong-seok / Professor, Department of Social Welfare, Daegu University: It is not realistically possible right now due to the current legal system.

The Social Welfare Act does not actually include cash.

In addition to the system, related laws, government finance laws…


A meticulous design is needed to supplement the shortcomings of the existing welfare system and to increase the satisfaction of users with disabilities.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol·Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Kim Jun-hee, VJ: Kim Jong-gap)